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Hiring a professional painting contractor

Five Must-Ask Questions to Ask a Painting Contractor Before Hiring

R&J Painting LLC has been a premium painting company in both the residential and commercial painting industry for over 20 ...
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Low VOC Paint | Eco Friendly Paint R&J Painting

Eco-Friendly Paint for your Health, Home, or Business

When choosing the best paint for your home, it’s crucial for you as the consumer to know about the healthiest ...
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Repair Drywall Cracks | R&J Painting

Drywall Cracks

What Causes Drywall Cracks? Cracks in drywall can be a common issue in a home. Over time, houses move and ...
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Exterior House Painting

Why Our Painters are Full-Time Employees Rather than Subcontractors

This month, we want to share our business experience hiring full-time employees rather than using subcontractors. There are pros and ...
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Professional residential staircase painting

The Best Paint Colors for Your Staircase

If you're thinking about giving your staircase a nice refresh and new coat of paint, we have some great stair ...
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Painting Project Free Estimates | R&J Painting

Why Do Painting Prices Vary Between Estimates?

At R&J Painting, we have over 20 years' experience in the painting industry, making our price estimating for paint jobs ...
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In Person Paint Estimates

Why Estimates Are Best in Person and Face to Face

Why Project Estimates Are Better in Person and Face to Face Rather than Over the Phone or Virtually Before we ...
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Remodel For A Reason winner | R&J Painting

Our Inspiring Remodel for a Reason Winners

Having the opportunity to partner with Paint Track Painting in New York for Remodel for a Reason has been the ...
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Interior Painting During Winter

Why It’s Best to Paint Interior Spaces During the Winter Months

It's no secret painting contractors' busiest times are in the spring and summer months because so many people tackle home ...
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Living room with black trim and white walls

Trend Alert: Painting Your Interior Trim Black and Walls White

Each year, we’re always keeping an eye on the most popular painting trends. There have been several requests by our ...
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Interior Commercial Paint Services for Animal Hospital

Office Painting

Needing to boost employee productivity, happiness or creativity? More than 50 percent of all U.S. workers are disengaged at work ...
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residential home with dirty siding

It’s Spring Clean-Up Time for your Home or Business

Pressure washing your home or building can be one single cost-effective way to make it look newer and more appealing ...
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commercial building with elastomeric coating

A Great Coating for Precast Buildings

Silicone Elastomeric Coating by Dow Corning is a one-component water-based elastomer designed to be an exceptional waterproofing product exclusively for ...
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Home using Brown color palette

How to Choose the Right Exterior Color for Your Home

Since the exterior is the biggest and most visible part of your home, choosing its color is a decision you ...
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Bedroom with neutral painted walls and wood flooring

Selling you Home with a major return on investment

Why is painting your home so important in order to sell your home?  How about a major return on investment! ...
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