Why is painting your home so important in order to sell your home?  How about a major return on investment!

Most realtors today recommend a fresh coat of paint for their client’s homes and it also happens to be one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to update your space. According to Homewise, the average price to paint a room depending on its size and condition is $420-$920, but this fresh coat of paint will return a 100 percent investment.  Hiring a professional painting company will get it done quickly, and it can be well worth the cost.

But deciding on a paint color can be confusing.  There are many choices and the options are endless.  Paint is your ally.  Neutralize the color palette and neutral doesn’t mean white.  Paint should also have a fresh appeal, no dings or marks.  Using certain interior and exterior paint colors can spark interest from potential buyers, but it could also send them out the door if not done correctly.

Neutral paint colors are versatile and pair with many other colors and materials. Gray paint color can be cool or warm.  Cool grays work well with modern interiors contrasted with pure white.  Warm grays are inviting and pair well with wood finishes and natural stone.  While dark gray is dramatic and light fray is soothing.

So where do you begin?

  • Research your market to see what homes recently sold and the color schemes used in those properties.  Mimic the color scheme to create a cohesive look in your home.
  • Pay attention to the light source in the room you are painting as lighting can drastically affect the way a color appears.
  • Pay attention to your flooring, wood finishes, countertops, and any tile within the room.  Paint should complement these materials.
  • Be mindful of the varying sheens to paints and when and where you should use them.
  • While high gloss is the most durable and the easiest to clean, it also can show every imperfection on a wall.
  • Remember the mood you want to give in each room.  For instance: A bedroom should be calm and relaxing, while a kitchen can be vibrant.  All white rooms are hard to keep clean, so avoid this whenever possible.
  • Color can make rooms look larger or smaller.  Warmer tones make the room feel cozy, while a cooler color can actually push out the walls of a small room, making it appear larger.
  • Bring an accessory from a room in your home when shopping for paint to try and match up colors, or see what hue will work well.
  • If you currently have a brightly painted accent wall, this should be painted over in a neutral color

The key to interior colors is to combine warm colors with neutral colors.  Warm colors are inviting and give a home a little more character than plain white walls.  Keeping the ceiling and trim white will brighten up a room, giving the house a crisp, fresh look.

What about the Exterior of your home?

A fresh coat of paint to your exterior can give the entire house a facelift and spruce up curb appeal.  While picking a color, keep in mind the character of the neighborhood.  Your color choice should blend well with what’s surrounding your property.  Using different tones of tan, light gray or beige can make the property look larger and more modern.  Use shades of white on the trim and accent color on the front door to captivate those who pass by.


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