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Why Do Painting Prices Vary Between Estimates?

At R&J Painting, we have over 20 years’ experience in the painting industry, making our price estimating for paint jobs concrete. Over the years, we have worked on many interior, exterior, and commercial projects, and all of them taught us something new. We strive to learn and grow from each job, client interaction, and review. […]

Refinishing your Interior Stairway

Refinishing your Interior Staircase

Over time, your homes’ Stairway may begin to show wear and tear, and by refinishing, this could add a dramatic element to your home. With a little work and patience, rejuvenating your Stairway, Banister, Railings, and Treads with either a fresh coat of paint or stain could be an easy do-it-yourself project if you know […]

Tips on Hiring a Professional Painting Company

Sitting Area After

The market is flooded with painting contractors, and we all want our hard-earned money to go the farthest. What are the critical factors that come into play for not only the best but the long-lasting paint job? And what questions should you address? What kind of prep work is done? Using careful and respectful preparation […]