At R&J Painting, we are all about making your home more beautiful. We do it with paint, and we also do it with Christmas lights! Nothing enhances your home at night more than professionally installed Christmas lights.

Christmas and Holiday Light Installation

Everyone loves the look of lights, however hanging and maintaining them can be incredibly time consuming, and possibly dangerous. That is why you should leave it to the professionals at R&J Painting!

Our Process

Our process is designed so that you, the homeowner, can enjoy a beautifully lit house with minimal effort. 

  • We will professionally install all of your lights, and connect them with a light sensor so that the lights turn on and off automatically. 
  • During the season, we will maintain and fix any issues that you have with your lights. 
  • And when after we take down the lights, we will store them for you as well! 

All that’s required is for you to give us a call to get the process started, and we will take care of the rest.

Residential Holiday Light Installation

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