Wallpaper removal is an extremely tedious process, and unfortunately removing the wallpaper is only half the battle. The drywall under the wallpaper is frequently damaged during removal, requiring repairs prior to painting. Without the proper repairs, the top coat of paint will look very ugly, or possibly fail completely.


To ensure this doesn’t happen, R&J Painting uses the following steps to ensure a uniform and beautiful finished product:

  • Remove the wallpaper and as much of the left over glue as possible
  • If any glue is remaining on the wall, prime the wall with Gardz to lock in the glue
  • Skim coat and sand any damaged areas caused by wallpaper removal
  • Prime wall with latex primer
  • Paint wall with 2 coats of selected top coat

If this sounds like a tedious process, you’re right, it is! Which is why drywall removal is best left to your professional painters at R&J Painting. Because we offer both drywall services and painting, R&J Painting can transform your wallpapered walls to beautifully painted walls in one seamless transition.

Wallpaper Removal –  Before and After


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