If you are taking on a home improvement project, many times there are multiple types of work involved. Baseboard replacement and painting after an interior remodel, siding replacement with exterior painting, drywall repair and painting afterwards, etc. Having to bring in multiple trades to complete a project can complicate, add to delays, and add extra cost. Luckily, R&J Painting can handle light carpentry, in addition to drywall work and painting.

Our carpentry services include:

  • Exterior siding replacement
  • Exterior trim, soffit and fascia replacement
  • Interior baseboard replacement
  • Interior window and door trim replacement

Whether you are looking to finish a basement, repair walls after water damage, or replace your trim to spruce up a room, R&J painting can help.  Call us now to discuss your project during our free in-person estimates.

Why choose R&J Painting for your carpentry needs?

By allowing R&J Painting to handle all of your carpentry, drywall and painting needs, you will have a single point of contact for your project. You will also avoid hidden costs, due to trades expecting the other guys to do it. For example, painters will frequently expect carpenters to prime wood they are installing. If the wood isn’t primed, you will likely get an adder from your painter. By having the carpentry and painting done by the same company, you will avoid issues like this.

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