Painting your existing Cabinetry is a low-cost solution to uniquely making your home yours.

R&J Painting has seen an increased interest from clients on all types of cabinetry repainting over the last several years, and it’s also becoming a hot topic in many home design magazines and do-it-yourself forums. When done correctly, painted cabinets will look just like new and can be a great economical choice over the cost of buying new cabinetry and then also paying for their installation.

Most people tell us that they choose to have their cabinets painted over buying new, so that they can spend their money elsewhere.

Before painting kitchen cabinets of a residential homePainting kitchen cabinets white for a residential homes in Chicago

Kitchen Cabinet Painting FAQ

Can I keep using my kitchen during the process?

If the company that you hire is spraying your cabinet boxes instead of brush painting, they should be tenting off the area which will then completely cover everything in your kitchen with plastic. Then you most likely will not be able to use your Kitchen for several days. If the company is spraying a lacquer, you will also want to leave your home for several days. R&J Painting uses a painting process that enables you to continue using your kitchen throughout the process of your project, minus the time we are there prepping and painting.

If we are spraying your cabinet boxes instead of brushing and rolling, we will mask off the area which will then completely cover everything in your kitchen with plastic. Then you will not be able to use your Kitchen for several days. If we are brushing and rolling your boxes, you will be able to use your kitchen as you normally would. Both these options will be presented during the consultation.

Is painting cabinets only a current trend?

White cabinets are like a black dress-simply put; they are classic. Yes, the color white is currently a favorite, but we are quickly finding the color grey a close second. However, since R&J Painting has been in business, white kitchen cabinets have been a popular choice. Also, if you decide you want to change the color in a few years, once you’ve had your cabinets painted white the first time, it should be much less expensive to change the color.

How does R&J Painting achieve long-lasting results on cabinetry?

The foundation of any cabinet painting project is thorough surface preparation along with the company’s experience, and whether premium products will be used in order to ensure a durable finish.

Using the correct primer for painting your cabinets is essential. We use a bonding primer, which is not the same as a general primer. The product we choose will stick onto glass. If not using a premium-high quality primer, then it’s difficult to create that all-important good foundation.

The premium quality finish that we use will dry to a hard furniture-quality finish that also cures quite quickly which will then allow you to use your cabinets in a shorter timeframe. Additionally, it also has a low VOC rating which means it’s safe for you, your family and pets to be around. Creating a solid foundation is the experience and value that R&J Painting provides when it comes to our client’s cabinet refinishing projects.

How expensive is Painting my Cabinets?

Several variables come into the cost.

  • The number of cabinet doors and drawers
  • Linear feet of paintable boxes
  • The type of wood – because sometimes an additional coat of stain blocking primer will be needed
  • Labor cost – which we will always explain and go over in detail at our estimates
  • Moreover, importantly, the skill level and the processes of the painting contractor