We’ve all heard those horror stories about someone we know who hired a lousy painter. It can become such an expensive mistake and a headache that could have been avoided in the first place. We have put together several reasons why paint projects go wrong and our advice on the importance of hiring a reputable and experienced painting contractor.

No prep work was done
The contractors could have skipped several essential steps when preparing and priming the interior or exterior surface. A lack of prep work can lead to cracking or peeling paint. The initial prep work of walls and ceilings is extremely important for their longevity and appearance. Cleaning the surfaces to remove dirt and dust and patching holes are all critical prep work. A bad painter will purposely skip these first steps to get the job done fast and under budget.

Bad paint was used
The horrible paint contractors will purchase thinned and bad paint to make more money. They don’t have to pay for the best or more expensive paint upfront. It’s also a way for those bad painters to charge less than their competitors. A lower painting quote may be enticing to pick, but it could lead to a bad paint job and a massive waste of money and time.

Unskilled painters
A skilled painter knows the exact process of completing a beautiful interior or exterior painting project. Unskilled contractors will cut corners and skip the important steps. They may not know the precise process to follow with prep work, what paint to use, or how to protect the homeowners belongings. If your end result is lackluster and you are left feeling sad or upset about how the paint looks in your home, you know it was a bad paint job. In the end, it could cost you even more time and money to fix down the road.

Lack of communication
The initial communication upfront is significant before any painting begins. A bad painter may give you a vague estimate to get more money. They should have a clear contract that outlines everything you can expect from working for them. If there is no solid contract or outline, that is a cause for concern.

Inappropriate or lacking equipment
If your painting contractor walks in with just a paintbrush and can of paint, that is a sign of being significantly under-equipped. The best painters have ladders, scaffolds, rollers, brushes, and more modern tools. To do great work, they must have all the proper equipment to get the job done right the first time.

No proper insurance
This is a big deal, and you should only work with a contractor with a proper insurance. Should you do business with an uninsured contractor, you are the one who will be responsible should anything terrible happen. If they get hurt on the job, you could get sued. Always hire a painter that shares their insurance with you for proof.

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