With many things in life, you get what you pay for, and the same applies to hiring the right paint contractor. While you shop around to find the best painting company for your project, we understand the lowest bid can be very tempting to pick. We hope to give you insight into why hiring the cheapest painter is not always the best choice.

Lack of Experience

Most of the time, when you come across a low estimate, they may not have a long-standing reputation or experience in the industry. It makes sense why their estimates are low because they need to entice new customers. Just remember they may not have the most experienced crew, skills, or equipment to correctly get the job done the first time.

Poor prep work

Painters need to take the time to properly prep the walls for new paint. That means patching all dings and dents and cleaning the walls before applying paint. It is not a good sign if they skip these initial steps and do not tarp the flooring and your furniture for protection. You could be left with paint on your floors and on your belongings, which is not good.

Inadequate project estimate

Inexperienced painters can be off on their initial project estimate and may try to return and charge you even more—what a headache. You want to hire a contractor with a well-crafted estimate proposal and are upfront and transparent with their pricing. No one wants to end up with unexpected costs at the end of a painting project.

Cheap paint & equipment

When you tell your painter what paint colors you want, you’re counting on them to pick up and purchase high-quality paint. The last thing you want is for them to bring cheap paint that does not last. Trust us; cheap paint will look cheap. No one wants to see visible streaks or brush marks. You should be able to count on them to show up for the job prepared with the proper tools and equipment.

Warranty & Insurance

If something goes wrong or someone gets hurt, they must have proper insurance and workers’ compensation. Ask upfront what their insurance protection is and even ask for proof. You don’t want to be responsible for paying any damages should something happen. Another essential thing to ask about is their warranty. You want lasting results and should ask if they have a warranty on their labor and materials.

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