Why We Provide Project Estimates In-Person and Face to Face 

We pride ourselves on building outstanding relationships with our customers. When our project consultant meets with potential clients, they can view the project first-hand and listen to what the client wishes to achieve with the final results of their project. This time spent in person can allow the client to ask questions. Items may even come up during the appointment that you were uncertain about or did not think were important in asking about previously.
It’s also a great way to avoid any miscommunication down the road about project timelines and expectations.
No one like’s to be surprised and told that the project would cost more after acceptance.

Better Inspection

When we complete an estimate in person, our project consultant can precisely view the conditions of all surfaces. Many factors go into a painting project estimate, more than just square footage measurements. 

For example, most people don’t think about underlying issues with their interior walls, ceilings, windows, or trim. There could be problems like peeling paint or rotting wood for exterior projects. We need to address these attributes during the project estimate, so our crew members know what to expect and, of course, so that you are given one price and not surprised once work begins that it will cost you more for services to conclude. 

Accurate Price Estimates

As noted, an opportunity to see first-hand what someone’s project looks like and how the client envisions the end result will help an estimator produce a precise cost for services. It’s paramount for R&J Painting to provide an accurate price estimate to a client for the services. You don’t want any confusion down the road that could generate project delays or several change orders. That’s a headache no client or contractor wants.