Silicone Elastomeric Coating by Dow Corning is a one-component water-based elastomer designed to be an exceptional waterproofing product exclusively for concrete block, brick, stucco, and for precast concrete buildings. The final product will have a smooth, matte finish and it is available in over 55 colors, as well as a full range of custom colors.

Elastomeric Benefits and Features-

When properly applied and cured, it will give and keep a building water protection properties- even when exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, or severe temperature extremes.  The coating is typically applied in two coats and can be applied by roller, brush, or spray applied which is the method that we prefer.  The final coating cures to form a flexible membrane that will be impervious to water at the same time having the ability to “breathe” by allowing water vapor to escape from inside the substrate.  The matte finish minimizes any brush or roller marks and the coating will reach its full adhesion and physical properties in 7 to 14 days upon completion of the application.

The Dow Corning Corporation offers a project-specific 10-year limited performance warranty when applied in accordance to proper application guidelines but not warranted if used on a single-family dwelling.

Elastomeric Coating Considerations-

The coating not only adds appeal, but it also serves as a protective coating. In many building designs, there may be windows ledges and window sills that accumulate airborne dirt and soot.  If the building’s location, design, wall surface, or existing dirt streaking shows channeling of water down the side of the wall, drip edges are recommended on the ledges, window sills, and scuppers to reduce dirt streaking on the Silicone Elastomeric Coating.

Application of the coating can be applied in of 40 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature but special consideration should be taken if temperatures are forecasted to be below 40 degrees within 24 hours after applying and the coating should not be applied when the relative humidity is greater than 90 percent or if there is a threat of rain within 24 hours.

Elastomeric Coating Cleaning and Maintenance-

Routine cleaning is suggested and is dictated by the surrounding environment. Any visible debris, such as airborne dirt or soot, should not be allowed to collect on the coating for a long period of time.  This will increase any cleaning effort and may be difficult to remove. Take special care to not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning equipment but instead use a cleaning method that involve the use of pressurized water and a basic cleaning agent. Stubborn marks may need the use of a soft bristle brush with the cleaning solution but, do avoid stiff brushes that may abrade the coating.

via: Dow Corning