It’s no secret painting contractors’ busiest times are in the spring and summer months because so many people tackle home improvement projects during that time. Have you ever considered getting a painting makeover during the winter months? Whether you’re a homeowner, corporate office, retail location, or medical office, there are multiple reasons why winter is the perfect season for interior painting. Let us tell you why.

More Cost-Effective Painting Quotes

Since so many people request to have exterior projects done in the warmer months, you can expect higher rates during spring and summer. Many painting companies find themselves slowing down during the colder season. With less work coming in for interior projects in the winter, you will find painting contractors competing with one another to get the job and win you over as a client. You will most likely receive a less expensive quote, too, since the demand is lower during this time. You can potentially save up to 40% when you paint your interior during the colder months, score!

Easier Scheduling

When scheduling painters in the fall or winter, you can expect an immediate response and project estimate. According to ., business is slower for painters during this time so they want to win your business over. You’re also not competing with all the other people out there looking to hire an interior painting service like they are in the summer. It can also be a hassle for corporate and medical offices to schedule an indoor painting project with so many employees around. Winter is the perfect time to refresh the space and call for an estimate with fewer people in the office because of the holidays.

Faster Paint Drying Time

There is less humidity in the winter, allowing the paint to apply better and dry faster. It isn’t a good idea to paint in humid conditions because the paint won’t dry properly on the walls, and that’s a headache no one wants to go through. Drying time is also significantly faster if you slightly crack your windows. It brings in the cold and crisp winter air to dry up the walls much faster than in a hot and humid setting.

Livens Up Indoor Spaces

Add some new life and color to your indoor rooms, offices, and more. We’re all stuck inside much more as the temperature drops, so why not transform your living and working spaces for the better going into the new year. Here at R&J Painting, we can help you pick out the perfect new color for any room in your home, corporate office, or retail store. It’s the ideal time to enhance old and dreary walls. What’s a better mood booster than a bright new beautiful paint job!

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