Each year, we’re always keeping an eye on the most popular painting trends. There have been several requests by our clients asking us to paint their trim black and walls white, and we’re all for this contrast trim trend! It’s such a powerful color combination and can bring a sophisticated and eye-popping feel to any room in your house.

Since this trend has been gaining some serious traction, we wanted to learn more about why people love it so much. According to Houzz, people love it because it can “energize your space, highlight a view, and hide a few visual imperfections.” The high contrast between the black trim and white walls creates such a bold, contemporary, and effortless feel. More and more people are choosing to stray from having white trim and white walls. They want their interior space to stand out and pop more.

Why they’re the perfect power pairing colors

Together, black and white will always remain the most elegant and timeless color combination. Black is a powerful color with great depth, and when it’s paired with white, the high contrast between the two is sure to make a statement in any room. The flexibility between the colors is unmatched and can work well in any space. If you’re looking for a change in your home, we highly suggest pairing these colors together in a room or two.

The Best Rooms to Use this Trend in

There are so many ways to use this color combination in your home. You can use it in your kitchen, living room, dining room, or bedroom. You can pair the black trim and white walls with your backsplash or countertops in the kitchen to create a sleek and beautiful open space.
According to OneKingsLane, you can use black paint to “draw out architectural elements of a room.” Use it to paint and highlight your mantel, arched doorway, beams, or windows. Black paint is a great way to show off details in your house that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Some of our clients have even chosen to use these contrasting colors on their staircases and spindles. Painting your stair treads and spindles black will pair nicely with a white banister and wall. It’s a great way to make your staircase stand out right when you step into your home.

It Can Hide Visual Imperfections

Black and dark trim is an easy way to hide subtle imperfections like nicks and scuffs along your baseboards. If you have kids, pets, or both, it’s a much more forgiving color and maybe the way to go. It can be the perfect quick fix you’ve been looking for to give your moldings and baseboards new life.

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap is a great resource to help you pick out the perfect paint color.
If you’re looking to try this popular trend, we recommend using SW6258 Tricorn Black and
SW7757 High Reflective White to achieve this bold contrast trim look in your home.

We hope this post can inspire your next painting project and maybe even nudge you to plunge into the world of contrast trim.


Photo Credit: airbnb