Why Project Estimates Are Better in Person and Face to Face Rather than Over the Phone or Virtually

Before we dive straight into this topic, we understand this past year, and the global pandemic has caused many small businesses to pivot and think of new ways to keep their businesses afloat. For us, we offered virtual and in-person estimates to make sure all our clients felt safe and comfortable. Our team all wore masks, took necessary precautions, and followed proper guidelines to keep everyone safe while still serving our clients. Today, we still offer virtual estimates and follow these protocols. We learned a lot along the way and want to share with you why we believe project estimates are better in person and face to face rather than over the phone or virtually.

Builds Trust & Develops Relationships

We pride ourselves on building great relationships with our customers. The initial in-person appointment is our chance to get to know one another and establish a level of trust and confidence. When our estimator meets with a potential client in their home, they have an opportunity to walk around the house and show the homeowners first-hand why certain things should be done for the project. This time spent in person can make the customer feel confident that we can get the job done and answer any questions. It’s also a great way to avoid any miscommunication down the road about project timelines and expectations.

Better Home Inspection

When we complete a home inspection in person, our estimator can precisely see the interior and exterior conditions. There are so many factors that go into a painting project estimate. Most people don’t think about underlying issues with their interior walls, ceilings, windows, or trim. For exterior projects, there could be problems like peeling paint or rotting wood. All these things need to be addressed during the project estimate, so our crew members know what to expect.

More Accurate Price Estimates

Like we stated earlier, having an opportunity to see first-hand what someone’s home interior or exterior looks like will help an estimator produce a much more accurate price estimate than doing one virtually. It’s essential to provide a correct price estimate to a client for the work you will be doing. You don’t want any confusion down the road that could cause project delays or several change orders. That’s a headache no customer or contractor wants.

We hope this topic was helpful to you in some way. We want to share how our experiences with in-person project estimates have been successful for our business’s growth. Doing estimates over the phone or virtually can make it harder to build excellent customer relationships, properly inspect the home, and produce an accurate price estimate

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