Industrial Warehouse and Retail Painting Services

R&J Painting provides high-quality service and expertise for both exterior and interior Industrial Warehouse and Retail Properties

Whether your facility is a Warehouse, Factory, Industrial Site, Commercial Office Space or a Retail Property, we understand it is paramount for you to receive efficiency, high-quality workmanship, and longevity in your painting contractor.

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Choosing the Right Commercial Painting Company for your Project

Flexible Scheduling

Businesses and Property Managers in the greater Chicagoland area have turned to R&J Painting for their Warehouse, Industrial and Retail services. This is because we have a clear understanding that their painting project is taking place at their business and projects can often be disruptive to a company’s workflow and daily logistics. We specialize in minimizing impacts on your business, logistics, and operations.

We understand that your business comes first. R&J Painting can perform our services off-hours  to accommodate your schedule.

Clear Communication

R&J Painting LLC will make the time to explain in detail our process and plan the entire project with you before work begins as we understand that it is crucial to work within your budget.

Pride in our Work

We take pride in thoroughly cleaning up after each day’s work to further minimize disruption to your business routine, and all crew members have a strong focus on being courteous to you, your employees and customers.

Vetted Crew

R&J Painting performs third-party background checks on all employees so that you will only have the kind of painting crew on site that your business staff will be comfortable with. They will be punctual each work day and will communicate clearly should any of your employees have questions.

Quality Materials

R&J Painting is considered by both Sherwin-Williams® and Benjamin Moore® as a certified professional, which is why we chose to only use coatings on exteriors, interiors and in offices that are highly durable.

With our years of expertise in the highest quality of commercial and industrial grade coatings on the market and the experience that we provide, we will guide you in the selection of high performance coatings for your job-specific requirements and needs to accomplish all of your goals in an affordable and timely fashion all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Warehouses can experience massive amounts of traffic, and their appearances can only be worsened by trucks, equipment, and personnel. Our Warehouse interior and exterior painting services are ideal for restoring and maintaining the presence of high-traffic, high-wear areas.

Design Assistance

Commercial, Commercial Office space and Retail painting does not necessarily need to be decorative; however, some clients might opt to use colors that synchronize with their logo and conform to existing standards, while others may choose to transform their building with a new bold statement. We can help you choose the right colors for your space.

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