Tips on Hiring a Professional Painting Company

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The market is flooded with painting contractors, and we all want our hard-earned money to go the farthest. What are the critical factors that come into play for not only the best but the long-lasting paint job? And what questions should you address?

What kind of prep work is done?

Using careful and respectful preparation tasks, proper techniques, and superior products is crucial. A high-quality company will thoroughly prepare the surfaces so that the paint will lay smoothly and last a long time.  The crew that is at your home or place of business, should always be considerate of your belongings and surroundings using sufficient tarps or plastic for protection.

Can I ask for references?

Absolutely. An established company will have more experience and references for you to contact. It’s important to ask for references so you can speak to former customers about their experience working with the painting company that you are thinking of hiring.
When speaking to these people, ask about:
·       Whether they had issues with the crew
·       If the painters were messy or neat
·       How has the paint held up since the project was completed

Do I have a right to know who will be doing the painting?

If the person within the company that you are speaking with indicates that they will not be personally providing the services for your project, ask who will be, and what their role is, along with how long they’ve been with the company.

What are some risks with hiring a painter?

Unfortunately, there are cases where a painter may have caused damage to the house or suffer an inquiry. Subcontractors may not be as skilled as actual employees, and the company that you are considering may not have enough experience working with these subcontractors or they’re quality of work produced, which can be more of a risk.  Additionally, ask if the painters are employees or subcontractors and what the screening and hiring process is.

Does a painter or contractor need to have insurance?

It’s never a good idea to hire a contractor whose business isn’t insured.  Ask both about business liability insurance and workers’ compensation, and don’t be hesitant to ask for proof.  If you are unsure of the validity of the insurance, you can call the insurance company to double-check that it is an active policy, and not what some insurance companies call a ghost policy.

Do you need a warranty?

Not offering a warranty is a red flag, and you may want to be cautious about hiring a company that doesn’t provide one to you. If they do have a warranty procedure, ask how long it is for and what it covers.  Additionally, you’ll want to get the warranty in writing should you need to refer to it later.

What questions should I ask a painting company before I hire them?

What type of paint will you use?
Is the cost of the paint included?
Do you have insurance?
Is a warranty offered?
Who will be performing the services at my home, and can I trust them?
How long have you been in business, and do you have references that I can speak with?
Are you active in the community, and are you involved with any trade organizations?

What are the red flags to look for in the written quote?

Be skeptical of any price points that seem unfathomably low.  There could be a reason their prices are below the industry norm – perhaps their quality standards are uncommonly low, too.

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