Interior Home Colors 2018

Interior Home Colors 2018

2017 is close to being over and you might just be one of the lucky ones that is thinking ahead to 2018.  In your thoughts, you could be wanting to add a color change to your entire homes interior, or create a cozy living space or you might just want to be adding one or several accent walls.
This year, Sherwin-Williams is predicting for 2018 that “Blending in is the new standing out”.  That flaws are to be treasured.  “The hushed tones of this score play out in sand, complex grays and hazy botanicals”.

With the Sincerity palette released as part of their 2018 Colormix Forecast they tell; “Sincerity is about mindful living”, says Sue Wadden, head of the Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast team, “and creating an environment to disconnect and recharge”.
Colors within this palette are perfect for a cozy atmosphere with well-worn wooden pieces and can help make any room feel open and comforting and a retreat from the sensory bombardment of a modern technology lifestyle.

In addition to the Sincerity palette, Sherwin-Williams has two other palettes named Unity and Connectivity.

The Unity palette was inspired for a sense of community.  “We crave security and adventure in equal measure.  Airbnb, car sharing and e-learning have created a culture of everyday nomadism.  The color choices in this palette are bright with pops of peacock color”.

The Connectivity palette is full of bright and bold color choices influenced by Pop/Youth culture, Techies, Virtual Beauty, Productivity, and Environmentalism.  “Data powers nearly every decision we make.  A generation is waving the flag of color freedom, and Instagramming every moment.  This high-tech palette is pixelated in orange, violets, digital greens and high-def yellow”.  This palette will bring out the best when using modern furniture.

Sherwin-Williams 2018 color pallet can be found at:

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