Earth Day and How to help

Do you need to clean out your home of all those old and unused paint cans? Alternatively, perhaps your preparing now to repaint a room or two and are wondering what to do with your leftover paint purchased.

Please remember, not all paint products are created equal, and it will depend on whether your product is Latex or Oil Based, so please do check you’re can’s before loading up your recycling supply.

We do have a few suggestions on organizing and storing your Latex paint.
• When painting a room, only purchase the necessary amount needed for the project – look beyond what is on sale.
• Save any left-over paint in a glass jar that leaves almost no air space, and use this jar of paint for touch-ups.
• Make sure to label this jar for which room the color was used in, or keep it stored in the actual room itself, to ensure the correct paint will be used in the correct area.
• Do not store left-over paint in the garage. Once it is frozen, it’s not reusable.
• Leftover unusable latex paint should be consolidated into one container and dried up with cat litter, sawdust or another absorbent material (i.e. oil absorbent).
• Once the paint is completely dry, it can be put out with your regular garbage curbside pickup. Be sure to remove the lid on the paint can, so the waste company driver can see that the paint is dry. Some waste companies will not take dry paint unless the top is off.

Oil-based paints or stains are considered hazardous and cannot be recycled or placed in the garbage. Oil-based paints and stains can be recycled at a Household Hazardous Waste facility.
To help you further, the McHenry County Recycling Green Guide offers the below following locations and contact information for recycling of oil-based products. Please note, they are not able to take spray paint, stains and paint thinners unless otherwise noted. Most will charge a fee based on quantity, so be sure to call ahead.

Algonquin Township Road District
3702 U.S. Hwy 14, Crystal Lake | (847) 639-2700, #6
Items Accepted from Township Residents ONLY:
Latex Paint: $3/gallon, $10/5 gallon (no aerosol paint). Oil Paint: $9/gallon, $21/ 5 gallon.
McHenry Township Road District
3703 N. Richmond Rd., Johnsburg | (815) 385-3076
Latex or oil, gallon size or smaller containers. Township residents only.
Nunda Township Road District
3518 Bay Rd., Crystal Lake, IL 60012 | (815) 459-4410 Open 24/7 to township residents only.

Chicagoland area Ace Hardware stores have a partnership with and the money that’s collected from you is a donation to this organization.
Bjorkman’s Ace Hardware
4520 W Crystal Lake Rd, McHenry, IL 60050
(815) 385-3660
Accepted: Oil-based and latex paint. Call for quote.
Zeigler’s Ace Hardware
• Crystal Lake (815) 455-2510
• Cary (847) 516-0600
• Huntley (847) 669-5222
• Lake in the Hills (847) 658-1783
Accepted: Oil-based and latex paint. Call for quote.

If you can take a drive outside of McHenry County, Illinois residents may drop off unwanted, oil-based paint at the Regional Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located in Naperville. It’s a drive-through, free drop-off facility open to everyone every Saturday & Sunday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (excluding Holidays). For more information and a complete list of all accepted hazardous materials, visit the Naperville facility’s website or 630-420-6095 during weekdays. The Regional Household Hazardous Waste Facility is funded by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, DuPage County and neighboring government agencies.

Fun Fact, if you are involved in a charity and looking for a way to raise monies, Earth Paint Recyclinghas just the plan to help your organization raise funds and save paint all at the same time.
They will help you organize a paint drive. Paint drives are a great way to support multiple organizations and get rid of the paint that you no longer need. They don’t just dispose of the paint collected; they will turn it into their product for reuse.

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